Stocked Foodstore, Hawksburn Village, Melbourne

A Stonnington gem gets a face lift

There probably isn’t another food store in this part of Melbourne offering such a range of quality produce and ideas as the new Stocked – and delivered with so much knowledge and skill.

The very able manager Paul Mahony presides very deliberately over a wonderfully compelling food store. Uniquely, Paul  does much of his antipasti in his kitchen – try the exceptional slow roasted balsamic tomatoes or the balsamic mushrooms.

Much of his meats are sourced from the gourmet butcher Peter Bouchier next door.  A selection of 3-4 wonderful cakes (baked daily in the kitchen) including my favourite, the tantalisingly moist chestnut cake based on an old rustic Tuscan recipe. Stocked also caters well for the lactose intolerant – his hummus dip is bursting with tahini and lemon flavours.

But it is his beautifully created meals for the home that I think stand out, especially for working couples who want to dine out (at home!). The minted lamb and kifler casserole (pictured below) for example, was to die for. And for that distinctive, premium ice cream to top off your night in – Stocked carries the full Maggie Beer range of flavours!

Most of all, the care with which Paul and his very knowledgeable team have selected the produce at Stocked shines through from the glistening shelves, counters and fridges. Less need to head down to Prahran Market now! Stocked in Hawksburn Village on Malvern Road, Melbourne will do for me….

549 Malvern Road, Hawksburn Village

Toorak, Victoria 3142 Tel: +61 3 98263333


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  1. Annamaria del Lucia - Scarpini

    I love this site, its amazing.

    Thank you it is so informative and delicious.
    What I also appreciated is the fact that you have included recipes as well as your photographic memories of a fantastic food experience.

    Well, where shall I go first. Mmmm…….. let me think

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