Izakaya Den – my favourite den in Melbourne…

A wonderful addition to Melbourne’s sophisticated and varied culinary repertoire.

The industrious starched and bandana wearing chefs busily produce the simple but stunning fare for this Japanese Bar Grill. Reminiscent of the bars I have visited in the Ginza, this one has a young vibe about it, with unique cocktail list.

The tuna tataki and the wagyu tataki finished off beautifully with micro-herbs are a must.  Then there is my absolute favourite the prawns – crispy fried but surprisingly shows no trace of oil, the steamed king fish wrapped in bamboo leave and the crunchy broccoli with its exquisite dip.

Desserts are beautifully executed and subtle to the taste including the black sesame brûlée made to perfection.

A wonderful experience, now having returned to it some 5-6 times… the Verge owner has something else to boast about.

Not being able to book a table/seat can be a bother but not if you get there before 6.30.

the bar

chef at work

corn fritters

the brûlée in production

black sesame brûlée

Izakaya Den on Urbanspoon



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