China Doll: The Woolloomoolloo Glamour Doll

In the ‘see and be seen’ Finger Wharf at Wooloomoolloo, the China Doll with its glamorous black decor adorned with stunning Blue Willow imagery (the historic Thomas Winton Ceramic Design from the 1700s), spills out onto the wharf with its wonderful harbour and city views.

The list of Asian Inspired cocktails is exceptional and so is its very extensive wine list to meet every size of wallet.

China Doll, with its all Asian Cuisine, also proudly lists (on the menu) its credentials in the sourcing of its produce – engaging in sustainable practices, organic, fairtrade, free range practices etc – which in turn shows through in the fine taste and flavours of its dishes.  The pork used is Kurobuta Pork – an ancient english breed of pig known for its flavour, which tastes like pork used to before the market was flooded with poor quality imports with little flavour.

The starter of school prawns dusted with chinese spice and served with a tangy lime mayonnaise was great with the Pol Roger.
There are few asian restaurants that do chili crab or pork belly quite like China Doll. Huge chunky pieces of ‘plump’ Alaskan crab, moistened with a wonderfully refined but punchy blackened schezuan chili sauce – not the usual “blow your mouth out’ chili crab!  The pork belly was perfectly cooked to melt in the mouth and served with a caramel chili jam with nam pla phrik dressing on the side.

Portions are on the large side and they flexibly do half portions if you desire. Well staffed with attentive and charming waiters. A welcome change from having to battle one’s way past the hordes of tourists vying for a seat in the restaurants and cafe along Circular Quay.


Finger Wharf, Wooloomooloo

view facing Wooloomooloo Bay

school prawn and lime mayonnaise starter

Blackened schizuan chili sauced Crab

crispy pork belly in chili caramel and Nam Pla Phrik dressing

'blue willow' adorned back wall

China Doll on Urbanspoon

Cowper Wharf Road (typically called Finger Wharf)




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