Pillar of Salt: A lively breakfast addition to Richmond

A sharp lively new (5 months new) breakfast addition to the Richmond scene, Pillar of Salt serves great breakfasts, perhaps not as original in its menu offerings as the Pearl Cafe a few blocks away on Church Street. You would need to get there early if you don’t want to queue for a table. We had to wait 10 mins for the communal table but it was worth the wait – the small cafe had a steady flow of the  Richmond chattering set. A dozen or so breakfast options on the menu in addition to croissants, baguettes, muffins and cake slices at the counter.

They know their coffees – they serve house coffee but give you the option of single origin coffee. The Indonesian Ice Coffee was a first for me and was great and the breakfasts were substantial and very tasty. But at $15-16 per plate, not by any means a ‘cheapie’, but I would certainly go back again.

communal table

coffee options scrawled on tile wall

chili scrambled eggs with parmesan

cornfritters, avocado salad and sausages with breakfast relish

541 Church Street, Richmond

Pillar of Salt on Urbanspoon


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