Gewurzhaus:An exquisite urban spice market

Family run and owned this urban version of a spice market,  is surely one to visit for every lover of spice and herb.

The idea for the shop came from the ancestral town in Germany by the same name where there was a spice merchant. Struck by the lack of quality in what is available in supermarkets and produce shops in Australia, Eva, her sister Maria and mother Gabi started the business opening their first spice ‘market’ in Carlton and now the second spice ‘market’ joins the growing foodie destination: Hawksburn Village.

They buy their spices wholesale and do all their own grinding and blending. Once you have tried the ‘clean’ taste of what is on offer here, the discerning home cook will find it hard to go back to the supermarket shelves for spices – much of which is ‘bulked up’ with flour.

The shop is in sections – South East Asian, Indian, North African, and European –  loose ‘base’ as well as blended spices for scooping in your chosen quantities displayed in beautiful see through bins.  The blends on offer allow a cook who may not know their spices that well to buy spice already blended for popular recipes eg salt and pepper squid or green curry.  But that’s not all, there are a large range of salts from every corner of the world and the same with the pepper range.  Every item has detailed tasting notes so that even inexperienced cooks can understand how the spice or herb will lift the dish they are planning to prepare and serve up.

In the middle of the year the shop will sport a spice kitchen out the back where spice classes will start.

Gewurshaus Spice Merchants are well worth a visit for any self respecting home cook!

shop front in Hawksburn Village

South East Asian Spice Counter

North African Spice counters

large range of rare salts

detailed tasting notes

543 Malvern Road, Toorak  03-90231028

342, Lygon Street Carlton 03-90231028


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