Garcia and Son: Gritty atmophere + confident food

With a well known 3 generation cooking pedigree, the 2 younger Garcias, with roots from Catalan, have recently opened this very authentic tapas bar in Windsor. Hidden away down a laneway in Windsor, it hits the spot.  It has a gritty atmosphere and food that screams with confidence.

restaurant view

Service was efficient with a relaxed confident style although there had been a very tentative approach on the phone when we rang to book a table, so I was half expecting a table to not be available for the time I booked. But my musings brushed aside, it was a delightful experience the minute I walked in the door.  The 2 Garcias were busily keeping the pace moving in this delightfully decorated corner bar restaurant. Great atmosphere!

Many tapas offerings (in reasonable sized portions) as well as a number of main course offerings. Apart from the school prawns which were not crispy enough for my liking, everything else was exquisite. The caviar toast with quail egg was a wonderful contrast of flavours and so was the potato tortilla super moist with the whisky sauce. Be warned the Crema Catalan (ie creme caramel) was far too big for one person!  All the tapas dishes range from $7.00 to $15.00 each.

The wine list is entirely Spanish with a great many options by the glass.

Tapas Bars close to railway station entrances like this (by the Windsor station entrance) are so European, where the traveller gets to stop before heading home!

Certainly Garcia & Son adds to Melbourne’s reputation of being a confident and diverse foodie’s paradise.

fried school prawns dusted with spices

Potato Tortilla with whisky sauce

Pimientos de Padron

Creama Catalan

Garcia & Son

20/2 Maddock Street, Windsor, Melbourne

Tel 90785007

Garcia & Sons on Urbanspoon


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