Misuzu’s…..the village star!

Misuzu's frontage

Misuzu’s has been around now for a couple of years quietly building up a reputation with the locals around Albert Park Village. There is something especially authentic about the food, whether it is the way the soft flavourful prawn and calamari dumplings come in a wonderfully subtle mushroom broth or the freshness of the moriawase with a sushi sashimi assortment.

Its strapline is Original Japanese Cuisine…..and original it is.  The dishes are surprising in that their menu descriptions sound  somewhat bland. But when the food arrives, it will surprise you for the complexity of flavours, care and quality applied to each dish!

Misuzu interior

But Misuzu is also known for its Sake along with its sister bar next door called Umami which serves a large range of fine regional sakes.  Umami is more cafe style (and serves bento boxes as well ) while Misuzu is more restaurant, signposted by the many red lanterns draped through the plane trees outside this lovely strip of Victorian terraces on Victoria street, welcoming you inside to its blond wood decor with warm teak floors complete with large bar area.

A must to add to the list of growing fine Japanese restaurants in Melbourne.

agadashi prawn dumplings in mushroom broth

calamari skewers with white radish and ginger

soft tofu with braised vegetables

7 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, Melbourne
Misuzu's on Urbanspoon


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