Bistro Vue ………great food but somewhat forgettable burgundy wines

In anticipation of the wine night to commence

Bistro Vue’s Burgundy Night was surprisingly on 2 levels.

The Burgundy wine (white and red) being showcased were not the best you could have had from the region – sourced from very small wineries and put on in collaboration with an on- line wine trader. Surprising on another level because the wine trader seemed more interested in having private chats with the people on his right and left than getting up and sharing his wine insights with the remaining 10-12 others at the long table. In fact at one point someone had to remind him after the waiters had cleared the glasses and poured the next round of wine to taste, that he had not commented about the last wine that had been poured and cleared! Slack I thought for a wine night intended to showcase the wines.

The champagne was from a small estate – N V Lasalle, creamy and well priced. The first white was a Bourgogne Blanc – meant to be drunk fresh and young – but not that memorable. The second white, a Meursault was lovely but accompanied by a 2 line explanation.  The second of the 2 reds was the most memorable for the night – a 2006 Hubert Lignier Morey – St Denis Premier Cru.

What saved the wine night was the exquisite food characteristic of Bistro Vue – hearty pies, casseroles and other bistro favourites served in rustic surrounds.  We had some steak tartare and smoked salmon rosettes to whet the appetite followed by escargot (snails) with garlic which were divine. The quail and truffle pie was also superb as was the coq au vin served with pomme gratin.  TheEpoisses cheese was divine served with pear gel and walnut bread.  And then of course some chocolate mousse ‘balls’ which were to die for.

garlic escargot

quail and truffle pie

Epoisses cheese

But a burgundy wine night is about the wines and the ‘lite touch’ explanation of the wines certainly was not what I would have expected from such an accomplished restaurant.

Bistro Vue

430 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

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