Gastronomy on the run……Cafe Vue opens at Melbourne airport…..

Cafe Vue at Melbourne airport

a range of food boxes and small morsels and good coffee

ala carte dining area

OK its very inviting and en route to the departure lounges, but I am not sure of the business model that Cafe Vue is working to.

Following in the footsteps of Gordon Ramsay’s cafe in Heathrow’s Terminal 5, Vue part of  Shannon Bennett’s empire (he is now reputedly one of the top 10 chefs in the world) is counting on the well heeled passenger sauntering out of the comfortable confines of the business or first lounges to eat here (might feel a bit intimidating to the average economy traveller)…..even though the prices are good.

I suspect the location is also potentially an issue as it a bit of a walk ‘back’ to it after you have deposited your bags at the lounge. Additionally unlike Heathrow which is a major hub, and there is always a need to ‘kill time’ there and  you are somewhat more likely to suanter in a savour a gastronomic bite with all that time on your hands. But Melbourne is not a hub like Heathrow.

Cafe Vue offers a breakfast, lunch and dinner box ranging from AUD15 to about AUD35 which seems reasonable and Guilty Stomach is keen to try but in the last month I have been keener to get to the lounge as fast I can to deposit my bags. Once there decided that  I can’t be bothered to walk back to where it is situated to purchase a box!  If I had more time I would.

Having said that it is a very glitzy with its striking black and white wall paper and screams out “come try me” amidst all the mundane uninviting duty free counters. And of course it has an ala carte dining area if you really had time to kill.



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4 responses to “Gastronomy on the run……Cafe Vue opens at Melbourne airport…..

  1. Wow, it looks beautiful…

    Very jealous…

  2. LKB

    I used Cafe Vue’s takeaway box service on the way thru Melbourne Airport to Christchurch NZ, I wanted a Lunch box to take on the ‘non catered flight’ , alas Breakfast was all that was on offer at the time in Melbourne, so Breakfast box it was!

    And it was sensational!!!! Best ‘airport food’ I’ve had in years!

  3. Andrew

    This place is brillant – great staff – relaxed and fast – non pompous service. Food was excellent – Lunch Box was great on our flight and the coffee by far the best at the Airport – well done.

  4. Omar

    Seriously great coffee here and a good feel. Staff well drilled and very friendly making the start to our long trip much easier. Burgers to die for. Thank god finally an Airport outlet with class and quality. Nice experience. James

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