The Millswyn……brunch on trainer wheels?

The Millswyn

cafe interior

Few restaurants can point to a more iconic location along the city fringe of the Botanical Gardens, where the long standing doyen of Melbourne’s fine dining scene, also made notorious for it’s ‘no children under 12’ rule) once stood. Shut in Aug 2010 after more than 2 decades, The Millswyn has taken its place with a wonderful fresh facelift in french country-style white.

Brunch is served inside and outside on Saturday and Sundays only, from 8 am.  The Millswyn also opens its French restaurant  for lunch and dinner during the week.

The brunch menu was delightful to peruse, complete with 4 choices of decadent morning cocktails.

However, while the fresh tomatoes served on toast with goats curd was a great idea, the tomatoes were hard (unripe) and bland (careless for a restaurant that says it sources the best produce), and I have had fluffier ricotta pancakes.  But what was more interesting was the service – a latte was served up when we ordered a cappuccino and an orange juice ordered specifically without ice turned up topped to the brim with ice!  I would like to put that down to teething problems and trust it improves over time.  The Guilty Stomach might wait before its makes a visit for dinner.

Might need to work harder at the execution of a great concept…..

tomato and avocado toast with goats curd

ricotta pancake with honeycomb butter and berry compote

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One response to “The Millswyn……brunch on trainer wheels?

  1. I visited the Millswyn for breakfast in july,2011 and found it challenging to order at all , after waiting about 10 minutes for a menu i went up and helped myself. I tried to flag down staff who appeared to be either chatting or walking past with blinkers on.Again i got up and ordered at the counter. Breakfast was served and it was delicious. Again when we wanted to pay it was a challenge to get the bill. For the third time i went to the counter , I found the staff uninterested in having to serve all these intruders. I think they had a big Saturday night.

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