Dino’s Deli……..more than a Deli

Dino's Deli frontage

Housed in a wonderful period building in Windsor, complete with original lead light frontage, Dino’s Deli is not quite a Deli.  It can in fact be anything you want it to be……..a cafe with good coffee, a quick lunch place, wine bar or a more leisurely diner/bistro.  In fact it reminds me of the European in Melbourne’s Spring Street with its dark wood and cosy warm interior with some understated splashes of colour. The back room called the library is intimate and somewhat burlesque in character. Tables go right back the full length of this skinny cafe.

The menu is Spanish  – with tapas, small dishes and then larger mains. also on the menu are differently aged Jamon or Ibericco Ham  as well as an extensive spanish cheese list. The food has  improved and seems to have become more polished over the past year

pepper crusted seared tuna with egg and olive salad

duck chirizo with green apple salad

chillie and garlic king prawns

eggplant bravas (chip) with dipping sauce

lamb cutlets with mash

Service can be inconsistent – this would be the third time I have visited and the second time, service was glacially slow; this time however service cut a smarter pace.  However this time they got the booking wrong – recording the booking as 2 when it was actually 3. While it worked out OK in the end (and we were moved to a table for 4) it was annoying having to sit for the first 30 mins squeezed into a table clearly for 2.  So we would suggest you call ahead and make sure they have got your booking down accurately.

The wine list is well priced with many Spanish and other options  The waiter was knowledgeable and his recommendation of the tempranillo was superb.

34, Chapel Street

Windsor, Melbourne

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