Choc-ing up your function……with Sisko style

I am again struck by the immense talent of the diminutive Christina Tantsis, the creator of Sisko…..a retailer and wholesaler of special event chocolates.  While I have to say I have never needed an event as an excuse to consume chocolate, Christina has done 2 things: 1) she has reframed the perception of how chocolate figures in a meal or function (thinking beyond the  typical lindt ball or a sickly sweet truffle), 2) she has brought a flair to the end of a night from edible table dressings to cheese board accompaniments or wall dressings….yes, wall dressings like chocolate butterflies guests can pick off the wall as they leave. In a previous blog leading up to Easter we profiled her unique flat egg which shows her creativity …her first career as a  florist shines through her creations – a true labour of love you can bring home………

By the number who attended the recent champagne function at the Fenix restaurant in Kew, Sisko has a big following not only from event organisers, restauranteurs but chocolate lovers who are in love with the high grade of spanish couverture (Christina is Spanish) Sisko uses to make their creations.

Take a look……..

table top chocolate trees

chocolate coated figs

pop corn lolly pops

fig discs for the cheese board

butterfly wall dressings


Auburn Road, Hawthorn, Melbourne


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