Chin Chin …….the second time around…..

table mat with flipside menu

After the hype associated with the successful debut of a new restaurant, you sometimes experience a tailing off of its impact. This ‘fade’ may manifest itself in overwhelmed table service, sloppy food or a diluting of flavours…….

However on returning to Chin Chin this week – and its wonderful modern take on asia’s street inspired food – to check out if this hypothesis holds true (more than a month after its opening), the guilty stomach was deeply impressed.  This is a class act and we predict it will be a stayer in a highly competitive city for restaurants. This time we sampled the cocktails which were unique and superbly blended.

Wellcome and well done Chin Chin!

egg net and blue simmer crab roll

beef murtabak - a malaysian street food favourite

grilled morton bay bugs with crispy basil

wild boar curry

stir fry kai lan and oyster mushroom

125 Flinders Lane


Chin Chin on Urbanspoon



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