Cote a Cote, Cahuzac-sur-Vere (Lower Pyrenees) village gourmet store

Dotted all over France are gourmet shops like this one tucked away in the mid pyrenees region. It is many things in one – La Boucherie, La Cremerie, Le Vin, and La Boulongerie-Patisserie (ie a butcher, a cheese shop, a wine shop and bakery).

Usually a family concern such stores  exist even in the smallest of villages, like this one, with a couple of hundred people, and are generally open from 9 to 1 and then re-open at 4 till about 6 or 7 – allowing for the customarily long lunch breaks that are still typical in rural France. Nothing is stocked that does not come from the region or the neighbouring one. This is something that the french wear like a batch of honour – it is only considered fresh when it gets from farmer to shop in a couple of hours.

Here are some wonderful examples of what such places such as Cote a Cote in Cahuzac offers its villagers and those passing through…….

perfectlly ripe peaches

bread baked freshly on the premises as are the croissants and other pastries

baker and his assistant busy baking and serving in the morning

local morrels, cepes, girolles

well stocked with regional wines

range of regional cheeses including the wonderful brebis

varieties of fresh meat on offer

Francois with one of his wonderful cake creations

delicious small cakes


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