Dos Palillos and willkommen in Berlin…..the relaxed side of Germany?

As a  recent visitor to Berlin, The Guilty Stomach was introduced to some great food experiences in this city that stands out as more edgy, arty and relaxed from the rest of Germany which feels much more ordered and buttoned up. However we did see some of the German formulaic style emerge in one of the places we tried to dine at.

Dos Palillos, a Michelin recommended restaurant located in the very trendy Casa Camper Hotel, reputed for its spanish/japanese fusion style of tapas  cooking served up a strange encounter.  First the waitress, perplexed by our request and then the head waiter and then finally escalated to the chef who deigned that our table of 6 people could not order 3 of one version of the degustation and 3 of the more expensive (70 Euro) version. We were advised that everyone at a given table had to order one version or the other and that a table with mixed orders will disturb the harmony of the meal.  We have not heard that one before despite having dined in many Michelin standard tapas style of restaurants around the world. It can only be put down to the not so relaxed style of the German showing through in this restaurant trying hard to fashion itself as cosmopolitan and global.

Lest we damn all Berliner restaurants for a lack of client centric service, we have eaten in some fabulous cosmopolitan places in Berlin…Dos Palillos was not one of them and did not leave a great taste in the mouth!

restaurant interior

Dos  Palillos

Rosenthaler strasse 53


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