Cafe Des Artistes: a restaurant with an interesting past

Cafe Des Artistes - restaurant exterior

art on display

Cafe des Artistes: the wine bar

It was not just the concept (i.e. a gallery restaurant) and the food that was great, its eclectic past was as fascinating. Cafe Des Artistes first began its life in Moscow more than a decade ago to feed the increasingly western tastes of the Kremlin including enjoying the patronage of Putin and other notable power brokers. Its Russian chef then moved to Berlin to open a branch in this city and met with the same and if not better success. Then last year the Russian owner died and Moscow closed, the Berlin version now owned by the Russian chef and growing from strength to strength.

En route to the rest rooms you will find some amazing pictures of the principal dancers of the Russian Bolshoi ballet company – all of whom have dined here and of course Putin and other famous Russian visitors to Berlin who have made Cafe Des Artistes a neccessary stop!

The food was in contemporary style – creative and accomplished. Service was polished and of course the art adorning the bright orange walls gave the place a special feel.  Price list for the art available when requested.  Next door is the bar which is possibly one of the most elegant bars in Berlin, both housed in very elegant art deco buildings (berlin has some amazing art deco buildings).

Mushrooms were in season so there were about 7 versions of chanterelle in starter or main versions – exquisitely fresh and so were the fresh giant sized porcini mushrooms picked in the area and served carparccio style…with their naturally occuring herb like flavour they are referred to in Germany as steinpilz. After the Cheronobyl nuclear accident mushrooms were forbiddne to be foraged in the forests around southern Germany and generally come from the north which was unaffected by the radiation contamination. The menu was extensive with 3-4 fish dishes, 6-7 meat dishes and of course several salads.  Every dish was cooked to perfection! Highly recommended as a must visit when in Berlin.

king prawn tails, on bed of king oyster muchsroom carparcio with mesulin leaves

sauteed chanterelles

red snapper on bed of ratatouille and wild rice cakes

tuna skewers on saffron rissotto

plum tart

blueberry thressome - blueberry mouse, blueberry cake and blueberry jelly

Cafe Des Artistes

Fuggerstrasse 35


+49 3023635249


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