Dada Falafel…..the best lebanese in town (Berlin)

the vegetarian mezze platter

Berlin is totally cosmpilitan…..a melting pot of turks, lebanese, african, italians, eastern europeans and of course native Berliners.  Attracted by it being dubbed the contemporary art capital of the world, it attracts interesting talent and there are whole streets dedicated to galleries on every side.  There are over 60 museums in Berlin alone.  With this ‘arty-ness’ comes a very diverse food scene.

So it makes no sense not to try some of the exotic cuisines on offer and to determine if they have been ‘tempered’ with to suit the german palette. That is not what we found. Dada Falafel was a great find. The lebanese mezze platter we had at Dada Falafel, wonderful dubbed Dada for short, was one of the best the Guilty Stomach has had anywhere.  Dada has been in Berlin now for some 15 years and run as a family business. The restaurant itself which has a more casual outside terrace spilling onto the street (ideal for people watching in Berlin) and a more formal restaurant as well as a gallery space upstairs with a year long calendar of contemporary artists on show.

The mezze platter comes as vegetarian or with meat and was adorned not only with the freshest salads and taboulehs and other usual dips, ‘cigars’ with lebanese cheese but also a wonderful variety of dips including an exquisite one made out of preserved lemons that we had not had before. And of course the falafel balls were perfectly done. The baba ganoush (eggplant dip) was the best the guilty stomach has had!

Nothing sits on the preparation counter for long as the brothers kept pace with the roaring trade hurrying out the exquisite platters to the hungry (and I am told very regular)  patrons…..

the brothers busy serving up the platters

Dada Falafel

Linienstrasse 132
10115 Berlin
+49 30 27596927


Berlin Mitte


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