A traditional german bistro style experience: Florian, Berlin

We often think of German food as Wurst and Sauerkraut – but this is far from it.  Good traditional german food, although hearty is much more inventive and diverse as the Guilty Stomach’s experience at Florian proved.

Frank the jovial waiter who attended our table, full of laughs and amusing anecdotes was certainly someone you would rely on with the wine choices (both german and french wines) we found.

Entres included fresh chanterelle mushrooms, carpaccio of salmon, goats cheese salad.

The mains were diverse and included everything from beef cheek in pot, grilled perch, lamb rack in a wine sauce and braised wild boar.  The wild boar was melt in the mouth and served with spazle which is a noodle from southern germany and savoy cabbage cooked with a touch of light cream.

The bread basket was served with schmalz  – a traditional spread of pork fat, which might not be a favourite pick these days of younger germans, but has historically had a special place in the german palette to help insulate in the harsh german winters, when there was little heating.

For traditional german food you can’t go past Florian. Sitting out on the terrace spilling into the tree lined street on a balmy night in Berlin, among wonderful friends, made this a very special last night in Berlin.


Grolmanstasse 52

10623 Berlin

+49 303139184


chanterelles with potato dumpling

braised wild boar with savoy cabbage

noodles served with the wild boar, commonly served in southern germany

roast lamb with wine sauce and green beens

the traditional schmalz, a spread made from pork fat served with bread basket



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