Dandelion…..needs some maturing

Dandelion, the latest venture by Geoff Lindsay is a small casual diner in Elwood, serving essentially Vietnamese cuisine.  But the 5 of us were relegated a table (despite booking and being on time) next to the kitchen in the footpath of busy waiters swishing by carrying dishes over our heads!  Why do some venues think it is OK to pack guests in to the rafters???!

It is a noisy resturant judging by the sore throats that everyone had the morning after.

The food was good (great ingredients especially the condiments that come with the ‘make your own’ dishes) although the experience was not as special as I would have expected from  Lindsay establishment. Perhaps it needs time to come into its own to deliver a total dining experience that ticks all the boxes.

With such a large menu there is certainly alot to choose from  – the wrap and roll bar, salads, pho and friends, wet dishes and family options  – provides everyone with something to order and like.

salmon rice paper rolls and duck rice paper rolls

BBQ ribs with lychee and mint salad

table salad of leaves and herbs for wrapping

crab meat salad with lime and chillie

mango lychee with sesame ice cream

133 Ormond Road



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