A top breakfast spot!

In amongst the grungy back streets of Fitzroy is the uber cool Hammer and Tong. A transformative space with exposed beams, light filled corridors and money plant hangers and the smell of a successful kitchen. Great vibe!

Sitting in the corridor across the road from the United Fireman’s Union building with its amazing graffiti can be mesmerizing but so are the imaginative combinations of breakfast dishes served up with a surprise (like popping candy bits or tapioca dust or…..) ……washed down with carefully selected teas and coffees and a choice or 4 freshly squeezed juice combinations.

photo (5)

The black sticky rice with fresh mango sprinkled with honeycomb bits

photo (7)

nothing conventional about this Ploughman’s lunch

photo (12)

whipped yoghurt with berries with tapioca dust and glass of grenadine

photo (10)

a great light filled space


photo (8)

Graffiti walls provide visual energy

photo (9)

More graffiti walls in full view of diners

photo (11)

great attentive service

Hammer and Tong know and love their food and it shows!

Hammer and Tong 412 on Urbanspoon
412a Brunswick St Fitzroy

Melbourne, Vic 3065



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One response to “A top breakfast spot!

  1. Hi,
    Just wanted to let you know that we have opened a new cafe in Prahran (a
    sister cafe to the long running Port Melbourne venue). We would love you
    to come in and try our coffee and food.
    We have a number of interesting food options including Russian Specials
    and some American BBQ inspired offerings (the owners are Russian so snuck
    a few dishes onto the menu).
    Our chef is a protégé of Iron Chef Sakai. He ran 2 of Chef Sakai’s
    restaurants in Japan.

    Happy to offer you and a friend breakfast or lunch on the house. Just let
    me know which day you would like to come in.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Best regards,



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