The Guilty Stomach is a different kind of food blog offering food lovers insights, not just about food, but about food experiences. It is knowledgable, experienced and honest about food, places you buy food from, places you eat at, seasonal  produce, evolving tastes and of course wine and other food accompaniments.

It starts its journey in Melbourne, Australia (a significant culinary city) but also shares culinary sojourns in cities and towns further afield.

Join this gastronomic journey…

entered in July 2011………….

The Guilty Stomach is spending 2 months in Europe and UK for the European summer and a chance to see what’s new, what’s familiar and what’s old in those parts.

During this time eating expereinces from the France, Germany and the UK will be blogged in an effort to calibrate its antipodean experience.

So join us for this sojourn………. till the end of september……..


2 responses to “About

  1. I enjoy checking into this site every few days to agree (usually) with what’s written and, to be educated as well. L.M.

  2. Such an elusive ‘about’, knowledgable & experienced, it seems so but from whence does this come? Maybe I’ll just have to follow!

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